Developer API

Connect and automate your compression workflow

Hook up your server to TinyJPG and TinyPNG and compress all your images on the fly. The API uses the compression engine that powers the web services so you can expect exactly the same results. Enter your name and email address below to retrieve your key and get started.

Getting started

Once you retrieve your key, you can immediately start shrinking images. Official client libraries are available for Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python, Java and .NET. You can also use the WordPress plugin to compress your JPEG and PNG images. And in case you own a Magento store you can simply install the extensions for Magento 1 CE, Magento 1 EE or Magento 2 CE to optimize your product images.

You can also create your own integration with any HTTP(S) client. The server will compress your image and respond with a URL where you can grab the result.

curl --user api:YOUR_API_KEY \
     --data-binary @unoptimized.png -i


Same API for JPEG & PNG images

The API compresses JPEG and PNG images. You only have to upload your source image and download the result. Everything else happens automatically.

Upload directly or provide a URL to the image

You can either upload images directly or specify a URL to the image you want to compress.

Preserve metadata

You can choose to preserve copyright information, the GPS location and the creation date in the compressed JPEG images. For PNG images the copyright information can be preserved.

Amazon S3 integration

If you use Amazon S3, you can instruct the API to save the optimized images directly in your S3 bucket.

Perfect image resizing

The API can resize your images as well as optimising them. You only have to upload the original once and then generate the image sizes you need. Resizing includes correct gamma scaling, bicubic transparency edge correction and natural image sharpening.

Area of interest detection

Take advantage of smart cropping to create thumbnails with different aspect ratios. The API will resize your images and crop away the parts that are visually the least interesting.

Area of interest detection explained

Smart image resize API
upload your original image ...
Smart image resize API
Smart image resize API
... the area of interest is detected ...
Smart image resize API
Smart image resize API
... image is scaled and cropped


You only pay for what you use. The first 500 compressions each month are free. You will only be billed if you compress more than 500 images.

There are no subscription costs, no file size limits and no minimum fees. Only successful compressions will be charged.

Images uploaded with APIPrice per image

  • First 500 images per monthfree
  • Next 9 500 images per month$0.009 per image
  • After 10 000 images per month$0.002 per image
… or simply calculate your costs

Price calculator

2 000

$13.50per month

When you reach your compression limit the API will return the error message: Your monthly limit has been exceeded. Upgrade your account by entering your payment details on the API account page.

If you entered your payment details and want to disable using paid compressions, you can limit your account to free compressions only at any time on your account page.

Corporate subscriptions

For corporations and large businesses we offer special subscription plans. They come with fixed fees, fair usage policy, priority support and optional yearly bank payment. Contact us at


For documentation and code examples in different programming languages you can explore the API Reference.

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