Third party add-ons

Community crafted tools using the Developer API

The add-ons on this page have been created by third-party companies and enthousiastic developers. In case you need support with any of these add-ons please contact the add-on developer directly.

There are also various official add-ons available for WordPress, Magento 1 CE, Magento 1 EE and Magento 2 CE and official client libraries for Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python, Java and .NET.

Add-on categories

Content management

  • ExpressionEngine Extension


    Installable extension for ExpressionEngine CMS. Original images will be stored in a separate folder.

  • Bolt CMS Extension

    Bolt CMS

    A Bolt Extension to optimize your images located in your files directory. The extension also supports resizing images to a specific size.

  • Craft CMS Plugin

    Craft CMS

    Tiny Image is a Craft CMS plugin which provides a clean and easy to use interface for users to compress their images using the TinyPNG API.

  • Drupal Module


    This Drupal 7 and 8 module allows compression of images when they are uploaded and gives the opportunity to compress individual image styles.

  • Episerver Plugin


    This blog shares some code that shows how it's possible to optimise image size on upload using the API and the awesome ImageResizer plugin for Episerver.

  • Concrete5 Add-on
    By A3020


    Image Optimizer incorporates various compression tools and optimizes your images. This will lead to smaller images and ultimately makes your website faster.

  • Fork CMS Module

    Fork CMS

    Compress PNG and JPG images on your website so they will use less bandwidth and load faster. The compression module uses the free API of TinyPNG and TinyJPG.

  • ProcessWire Client


    Adds image compression to your ProcessWire CMS. The client allows manual and automatic image compression using the TinyPNG and TinyJPG API.

  • SilverStripe Module


    Image optimization for the popular SilverStripe framework and CMS. This module extends the Image class and integrates with the TinyPNG API.

  • TYPO3 Extension


    Compress JPG and PNG images in your store, reduce your store's page size, make your store faster and save a lot of disk space. You can setup CRON Job to automatically compress images.

  • Umbraco Package


    Tinifier is a free Umbraco package. It is among the top 50 packages, reduces the size of images dramatically, supports Azure, positively influences page loading and improves visitor loyalty.

DesktopBack to top

  • macOS Automator script


    Blog post describing how to use Automator on macOS to compress images on desktop without using your browser.

  • Bamboo for macOS & Windows

    macOS and Windows

    Bamboo allows you to use your API key to compress PNG and JPG images on your computer. It works by uploading your image to TinyPNG and then downloading the compressed output for you.

  • macOS App


    An easy to use macOS client to compress your images without the need to open your browser or manually download the images. All you need to do is drag and drop.

DevelopmentBack to top

  • Python Client library & CLI


    Python module and command line tool to shrink PNG files. Advanced lossy compression for PNG images that preserves full alpha transparency. Now also works with JPEG files.

  • C-sharp Wrapper


    C# wrapper for the Tinify (TinyPNG) API. You can also pass along credentials and info to upload the compressed file directly to Amazon S3.

  • .NET Client library


    This is a .NET wrapper for TinyPNG. Supports .NET Core and full .NET Framework. Non-blocking async turtles all the way down. Byte[], Stream and File API's available.

  • Golang Client library
    By gwpp


    Golang client for the Tinify API, used for TinyPNG and TinyJPG. Tinify compresses or resize your images intelligently.

  • Gulp Plugin


    Gulp plugin to compress PNG and JPEG images using TinyPNG API.

  • Laravel Client library


    Tinify API support for the Laravel PHP framework.

  • npm CLI


    TinyPNG CLI that uses the API to compress images using the command line interface. Supports compressing and resizing individual files as well as (multiple) folders.

  • Shell Script


    A shell script to compress a batch of images using the tinify API.

  • Python Script


    A simple script in Python for Batch compress images.

  • Unity Package


    TinyPNG For Unity brings the memory savings of TinyPNG to the Unity Editor. Easily compress .png and .jpg textures and significantly reduce image size.

  • Yii2 Client library


    Facade of Tinify API for Yii2 Framework. This extension allows you to resize and compress images without loss of quality.

  • Yii2 Client library


    Yii2 integration of TinyPng. With it you can compress PNG and JPG images without loosing image quality. You can also resize images while also compressing the images in the process.

E-commerceBack to top

  • nopCommerce Plugin


    SEO Optimizer is plugin that helps you optimize your webstore, get a better ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines and adds lossy image compression using TinyPNG for even more saved bytes!

  • OpenCart Module
    By Fedka


    This module allows you to compress images to 90% when uploading them to the site. We all know that the smaller the image, the faster your site will be loaded. The module is installed in Extension Installer.

  • PrestaShop Module


    Image compression module for PrestaShop 1.6+. This module automatically optimizes your images by integrating with the TinyJPG and TinyPNG API.

  • PrestaShop Module


    Compress JPG and PNG images in your store with TinyPNG, reduce your store's page size, make your store load much faster and save a lot of disk space. You can setup CRON Job to automatically compress your images.

  • Shopware Plugin


    The plugin uploads all files that are managed in the Media Manager (originals and thumbnails) to the TinyPNG API and replaces the large source files with optimized images.

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